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American Ice is the clear choice and the regional leader in providing clean, clear ice. Whether for enjoying in your favorite beverage with friends or filling a cooler for great times with your family, you can count on American Ice to be the clearest, longest lasting, and best tasting ice cubes for any occasion.
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Whether you need ice for your convenience store, or for a special event, let us help. We understand your industry, and will work with you to identify the amount of ice you'll need. And with our exceptional customer support, you can keep your cool, without worrying about your ice.
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American Ice

Pure, Clean Ice

We purify our water to the highest possible standards in clarity and taste. Our facility is FDA and state inspected to ensure your ice is free of the kind of gunk you find in other ice machines.

Local Business, Local Service

American Ice is Wisconsin local! With our headquarters located in Eau Claire, WI, the gateway to the Northwoods, our facilities employ local residents, and are a community partner in your neighborhood.

Quick Response Time

Because we have facilities throughout the state and deliver quickly to local retail establishments, events, and crews, getting great ice delivered fresh has never been easier. We offer big company capabilities with small-town service values!

Unbeatable Taste

No one likes surprises in their drinks. We avoid the gunk with our unique reverse osmosis process, turning only the most pure, clear water into the cleanest, most refreshing ice available in Wisconsin!

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Need to find ice for your party, event, or crew? American Ice has you covered. Find us by simply clicking below!

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Keep ice in stock and customers happy with our unparalleled ICE-CYCLE Ice Stocking Program. Check out the link below for more about how we support our retail partners!

Stocking American Ice means you offer your customers a name brand, high-quality product in the sizes and quantities they want when they’re buying their beverages, snacks, fuel and bait.  We take away all the hassles to assure you have enough on-hand to cover client demand year-round.

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Are you sure you have enough ice?

Stay cool!  Make sure everything stays chilled by calculating how much ice you’ll need. Need more?  We got you covered. Click below to find the location nearest to you.


No worries! Whether it’s for an event, party, construction site or emergency, we can cool it, chill it and do it fast.

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