Retail Services

Packaged ice is one of the highest margin frozen food items in the store. However, many retailers are not maximizing their profits on this very lucrative item. Here are some of the most common threats to your profitability as a retailer of packaged ice:

You Are Not Offering a Name Brand, Quality Product

Ice is food. It should be made and packaged by trained food industry professionals. Offer your customers a brand they can trust for quality and purity. American Ice is made in our FDA inspected facility in Eau Claire, WI and is the most widely distributed brand of ice in Northwest Wisconsin. Check out our locations guide to see how our website can drive customers to your store!

You Are Not Giving Your Customers the Choice of Large or Small Bags

Studies have shown consumers want the choice of purchasing large bags of 20 lbs. or more. While the smaller bags are convenient for a personal cooler or home freezer, the larger bags are great for picnics, parties or any time a larger cooler is used. American Ice 20 lb. bags are the perfect complement to our smaller 6 lb. bag if you want to offer your customers the choice they demand.

Your Current Ice Vendor Has a Rigid Delivery Schedule that Doesn’t Take into Account Your Critical Sales Periods

Has your store ever been out of ice? If so, you may have lost more than few bags of ice sales. Studies show consumers by their ice where they buy things like beverages, snacks, bait and fuel. If you don’t have ice when they need it they may buy all of these things elsewhere. American Ice Company’s delivery service is built on the principle that each retailer has a precious few critical sales periods throughout the year to maximize ice sales. These can be holiday weekends, town festivals, or a simple stretch of hot weather. If you are out of ice during any of these times you are losing more sales than you realize. Call American Ice today to start taking advantage of our flexible delivery service that anticipates when you need us most.

You Are Bagging Your Own Ice In-Store

Think you’re enjoying increased profit by bagging your own ice? Consider equipment costs of an ice maker and merchandiser. Cleaning, maintenance and water filtration. Operating costs of water, electricity and store climate control. Packaging costs, quality control and product liability. Now consider the issues with branding, product offering and inability to meet demand during critical sales periods and the choice is clear. Profit more from your ice sales with American Ice!