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Service & Quality Expectations

Today’s retailers face more threats than ever to their bottom line. Managing inventory, controlling labor costs, meeting fluctuating demands and dealing with intense competition are just a few things that threaten a retailer’s profitability. When you choose American Ice or one of our partners for your packaged ice needs, you’re choosing solutions to some of retailing’s most daunting challenges.

In addition to providing premium quality products, we provide ice merchandisers in a variety of models and sizes to suit your needs. We make it our business to get to know your business, which means we work to predict your critical sales periods, those times when you sell the most ice and cannot afford to be out of stock. Out-shine your competition with premium product when consumers demand it most at prices that will keep them coming back!

Benefits of American Ice:

snowflake-icon FDA Inspected & Approved
snowflake-icon Treated with Reverse Osmosis
snowflake-icon Clearer, Better Tasting, and Longer Lasting
snowflake-icon Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance
snowflake-iconServing Western WI since 1980.

Wholesale Services


Our clear ice cubes are produced and distributed locally with the end consumer in mind. We produce top quality, high purity, instant ice for our loyal customers who like their drinks chilled and their parties eventful. With 6lb and 20lb ice bags available, never let your drink go warm again! Pick up or arrange for ice delivery from American Ice Company for your next get-together or party.

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There’s no industrial processing order too big or too small for American Ice Company. From a few hundred pounds, to a semi-load or more, our instant ice is perfect for chilling products, food processing needs, or mechanical and manufacturing process applications. Our quality control standards ensure that ice provided by American Ice Company is always state and FDA inspected and approved.

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Special Events

Summer is the time for outdoor community events, music festivals, and other special events. Lucky for you, instant ice from American Ice pairs nicely with a refreshing drink–-a necessity for these events! Providing ice for sale at these events are perfect for cooling drinks, and they are also perfectly safe for consumption! American Ice Company can also provide staff, if needed.

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Construction Sites

Construction workers that are refreshed and always hydrated are more productive. Hot summer days are dangerous to construction crews without proper hydration stations. With the help of American Ice, our instant ice can help break the sweat. We are able to accommodate a few days of ice delivery up to many months of continuous ice delivery, tailored to specific crew size and need.

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