Our Ice

It starts with the water.

Made in Eau Claire (French for “clear water”), American Ice is created from water purified by state of the art reverse osmosis, a form of nanofiltration. This process involves forcing water through a membrane, ensuring only the purest water makes it to our ice makers, with impurities and additives rejected. This superior method of water purification produces ice cubes that are clearer, better tasting, and longer lasting than ice made from other water sources. If you’re not choosing American Ice, you may be getting ice made from untreated or unmonitored water. Ice is Food!

Clear Ice Cubes

Once purified, our water is frozen in ice makers using an in-motion freezing process. Water flows through tubes, freezing from the outside in preventing air from being trapped. The result is “tube ice” that is more solid, more clear and therefore longer lasting. The final step in creating premium quality ice cubes is freeze-drying. This is to minimize bridging, so the ice cubes don’t stick together. The result is clear, hard, great-tasting ice cubes perfect in any beverage!

Serving the Needs of Our Community

Producing top-quality ice is only part of our story. American Ice Company currently serves nearly 800 supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and campgrounds throughout Northwest Wisconsin. Our prevailing principle of customer service is simple: we anticipate customer’s needs to ensure that American Ice is available when and where it is needed most If you operate a retail store that has ever run out of ice, or if you’re a consumer who has ever tried to buy ice from a store only to find they are out of ice, then you know firsthand the value of an ice company that anticipates demand. Backing a premium quality product with premium quality service is why American Ice is the most widely recognized brand of packaged ice in Northwest Wisconsin.