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American Ice Company currently serves nearly 800 supermarkets, convenience stores, bars, restaurants, and campgrounds throughout Northwest Wisconsin with quality packaged ice. American Ice has grown to supply wholesale distributors Hayward, Mercer, and Ashland, WI, as well as Mitchell, South Dakota. American Ice continues to grow and expand territory, with additional distributorships and ice delivery slated to open throughout Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Today, American Ice continues to be the most distributed and best recognized brand in Western Wisconsin.

Perfect Party Supplies!

With 6lb and 20lb ice bags available, our ice is essential for a great party! Piñata? …Check. Cake? … Check. Ice? …We’ve got you covered! If you’re throwing a party, wedding, or family reunion that requires less than 300lbs of ice, check our locations guide below for an American Ice retailer near you. Not sure how many bags of ice you need? Party supplies just got easier to shop for with our ice calculator! Don’t settle for anything less than top quality, high purity American Ice for your party.

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